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The following is a list of horses that we have for sale. However, we usually have horses at the farm that we haven't had time to picture and get on our site so this list is seldom complete. Please contact us for further information.


Just a word of advice here, if ya find yerself in a gunfight always shoot fer the other guy’s right eye – it nearly always wrecks their aim. Another good piece of advice we’re gonna give ya is ta buy this outstanding young stallion.

This coming two year old red roan stallion is exceptional in every way. His conformation is second to none. He has a ton of body and muscle yet has no courseness to him whatsoever. He is smooth throughout and has good bone with a large foot. He shows as much breed character as you would ever see in a young horse. You can tell at a glance that this is one special individual. 

His pedigree reads like a who’s who in the quarter horse business. His sire Playlight is a son of Grays Starlight whose offspring have earned over $11 million in cutting, reining, working cow horse, roping, etc. Playlight’s mother is an own daughter of the legendary Freckles Playboy. This colt’s dam is an own daughter of the great ranch and rope horse sire Paprika Pine. 

When you consider this young stallion’s pedigree you would have to agree that he’s the best of both worlds. He has a tremendous performance horse pedigree but he’s a much larger and heavier built individual than the majority of most modern performance horses. If you used him as a sire in your program he could add size, substance, and pedigree all in one fell swoop. This fella could make a stallion for you that would put your operation on the map or if you would prefer - a world class gelding.

When he looks like this when he isn’t quite two years old he’s going to be out of this world when he’s mature.

If ya miss out on this’un you’ll feel lower than a snake’s arse in a wagon track.

Price $5500



If you was of a mind ta get yerself a real stem-winder of a hoss we think this’un would work out right nice for ya.

 Badger is a real pretty 4 year old bay gelding who could do about anything you wanted him to do. He’s smart, responsive, and nice to get along with. He stands 15 hands so he’s a nice handy size and is just an all around super nice horse. He’s sure bred like a using horse with million dollar sires Gallo Del Cielo, Peppy San Badger and Docs Sug right on his papers. Whether you want a cow horse, reining horse, extreme cowboy competition horse, barrel horse, or an all around horse we think this fella would be pretty tough to beat. He’s well broke and is a nice mover. Ya have to like him.

 Ya all miss out on this good hoss and you’ll be walking around with a face on ya like a wrung-out lemon.



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Blain Hancock (Two Socks)


We’ve been in this business since the Dead Sea was just sick, and we’re here to tell ya there aren’t too many hosses out there like this’un.

 Socks is by our stallion PNA Travelin Hancock (see his description on his stallion page on this website). We’ve had very good luck with these horses and they are exceptionally smart. Socks is out of a good foundation bred mare that produced nice foals for us well into her twenties.

 Socks is a two year old gelding that’s nicely put together. He’s got enough talent for the gaming and ranch versatility events if you wanted to go that route. On the other hand if you wanted a nice all around horse and wanted one that was pretty then he’d fit that bill too. He’s got a good foundation on him and he’s ready to start working on the event of your choice. Socks stands 15 hands today as a two year old so he’ll be a nice size when he’s done growing.

 You get this good hoss bought and you’ll be grinnin like a dog eaten Briars.



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Whooee – we didn’t think that we’d have ta shoot the end of yer nose off ta get yer attention ta look at a hoss like this’un - he’s a dandy.

 If yer one of those folks who’s been looking for a big buckskin gelding we don’t have to tell ya how hard they are to find (harder to find than a vegan at a cattlemen’s convention). But now you don’t need to look no more – he’s right here in front of you.

 Pecos is a fancy two year old that’s going to be one up-in-the-air kind of horse. We figure he’s easily going to make 16 hands and his colour doesn’t hurt him much either.

 Pecos has a lot of very famous show horses in his pedigree. He’s by a son of the AQHA High Point Performance Horse Ziploose N Fancyfree who’s by the Hall of Fame stallion Zippo Pine Bar. Pecos’s mother is a daughter of the top show horse and World Champion sire Good Asset who’s by the Hall of fame stallion Zippos Mr Good Bar. On Peco’s mother’s side there’s also a dash of running horse blood which helps to give this fella his extra height. 

 Pecos is a good natured horse. We’ve started him under saddle and he’s doing well.

 We aint playin ring around the rosie here folks so come a’runnin.



Blue Hancocks Onyx (Steel)



 It’s a fact, when it comes time to sellin a hoss some folks will tell ya whatever ya want ta hear ta get their horse gone. In some cases ya couldn’t pull the truth out of them with a team of Ohio-bred percherons. But we aren’t stringin ya any windies here folks – this is one top notch hoss. Ya can see that fer yerself.

 Steel is one of those horses that just don’t come along very often. Seeing as he looks this good as a two year old imagine what he’ll look like when he’s mature. He’s show horse pretty with ranch horse sense. This young gelding is progressing in his training about as fast as one can – he’s exceptionally smart and good minded. We expect him to mature 15.1 – 15.2 hands.

 A horse like this fella doesn’t come along by accident. He’s by our Hank stallion (PNA Travelin Hancock) who’s doing an outstanding job. Steel’s mother is a daughter of Genuine Onyx who’s a son of the Superior Halter horse and World Champion producer Sonny Vista Bar. We have two of these Genuine Onyx mares and they’re doing outstanding jobs for us. If you’d like to see Steel’s full brother look at our farm photos page of our website at the two day old foal. This aint happenchance.

 If you want a show horse, using horse, ranch horse, trail horse, whatever, Steel is going to work for you. Where else are you going to find a horse of this caliber who also has the true blue roan colour?

 When things are all tallied up we think ya’d sure be glad ya listened to us.



If you want big geldings – we have big geldings.
We’ve been on the run here this last while and haven’t had a chance to
do much for pictures and videos. We do have an outstanding selection of
big geldings. A lot of our horses sell before they ever get listed on
our website so if you’re looking for one by all means get in touch with