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The following is a list of horses that we have for sale. However, we usually have horses at the farm that we haven’t had time to picture and get on our site so this list is seldom complete. Please contact us for further information.



Fancy eight year old grey gelding. Info coming soon!



NS Denim N Lace head shotBlue filly 1

NS Denim N Lace
Lacey sure is a fancy filly. This 2016 model true blue roan filly is about as stylish as they come. She’s by our senior herd sire PNA Travelin Hancock and out of an own daughter of Blue Venture Hancock. She’s straight and correct in every way. We don’t think there’s much that this outstanding filly couldn’t do.




big blue filly2big blue filly1




NS Time To Shine – Outstanding true blue roan filly (in the process of shedding out her winter coat at the moment). Born May 2, 2016. Info coming soon!

Sold horse







Dillon under saddleDillon head shot

NS Hancocks Dillon

Maybe yall couldn’t tell bean-dip from pig manure but ya’d sure’nuff be able to figure out pretty darn quick that this aint just any old hoss. We don’t think we have to draw ya any pictures – if ya got eyes in yer head ya know he’s good.

NS Hancocks Dillon is a fancy 2015 model gelding that we raised here. He’s by our senior herd sire PNA Travelin Hancock (Hank) – see his stallion page on this website for more information on him. Dillon’s mother goes back to Shining Spark. Some of you folks might remember the exceptional black mare we had here last year NS Shawnee Hancock (Shawnee) – Dillon is her full brother.

We’ve started Dillon under saddle and there’s no doubt that he’s going to be a good one. This black gelding is going to be one that could do it all. He’s smart and he’s easy to get along with. 

I’m a’tellin ya folks, if yer interested in gettin a dandy hoss don’t just sit there like a bump on a pickle, do yerself a favor and make’er happen.

Sold horse




1 Wrangler3 Wrangler2 Wrangler




A little dude came in here one day lookin ta buy a hoss. He was a wizzled up little feller. Kinda looked like a cross between a banker and a librarian – one that was left out in the sun too long. He didn’t hardly look like he could make it ta the end of the barn so we put him on a feed cart and wheeled him along down the road to show him what we had. He picked out a good horse that could be a twin ta this’un – a real dandy.

NS Hancocks Wrangler is probably as nice a horse as you’ll see – even if you looked all year. This outstanding 2015 model gelding is quality, quality. Wrangler has a kind disposition and is there to meet you when you walk in the barn. He’s pretty and he’s put together right and he’s going to have lots of size. It sure doesn’t hurt either that he’s a flashy blue roan. We raised this fella ourselves and we’re pretty proud of him. If you buy this good colt we know that you will be to.  

Wrangler wont be 2 until July so we haven’t ridden him. We have put quite a bit of liberty training into him and he’s exceptionally smart and trainable. When he looks like this today imagine what he’ll look like as a full two year old and then from there imagine what he’ll look like when he’s fully mature. Anybody that wants an outstanding horse better take a long hard look at Wrangler.  

The fella we were telling you about took his new hoss home and started riding. The exercise and fresh air made quite a change in him and he filled out and muscled up and is a changed feller.  The thing is, his hoss loves him. If you want a good hoss to love ya – look no further.

Sold horse











Well if you’ve been lookin fer a good hoss and aren’t havin much luck and yer getting as frustrated as a woodpecker eatin sticky candy look no further – yer looking at her.

Shawnee is a beautiful 2014 model black filly. She’s got a lot of size to her now and she’s going to have a lot more again. She’s by our senior herd sire PNA Travelin Hancock (see his description on his page on this website). She’s out of a foundation bred mare that goes back to Shining Spark. As you can see from her videos this mare has a really good start, she’s super smart, and she’s very nicely put together. If a person was looking for a games horse, ranch horse, or all around using horse we think she’d be hard to top.

If you want something good don’t be a’sitten there like a constipated toad in the dry season. Get on down here and make’er happen.

Sold horse








Let me tell ya about this little woman who came in here one day and bought a good hoss much like this filly for her husband. Now this gal wasn’t a super-duper cook. In fact ya could have used her biscuits fer door knobs. He tried to use them for heels for his boots but he couldn’t get the nails ta go through them. He loved this little woman (and the hoss) dearly in spite of her short comings as a cook. Why don’t you get your sweetie this good hoss – good cook or not you’ll be a hero.

Dancer is a pretty unique package – she’s a 2014 model appendix quarter horse and she’s true blue roan. She’s by our stallion PNA Travelin Hancock (his information is on his stallion page on this website) and out of a mare that won a lot of money on the track but who was super kind and gentle. This filly is following in her footsteps – she can really move but she’s also extremely sweet natured. You can see from her video that she goes out of her way to please.

The moral of this story is that if life throws you a lemon make lemonade. These folks started up a business selling false teeth and the lady made her biscuits and drummed up a lot of extra business for their outfit. It goes to show where there’s a will there’s a way. Do not let this hoss slip past ya. You’d be awful sorry if you did.

Sold horse