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The following is a list of horses that we have for sale. However, we usually have horses at the farm that we haven’t had time to picture and get on our site so this list is seldom complete. Please contact us for further information.






This fancy blue roan 2019 stud colt is special. He’s a son of Northstar Smokin Gun ( check out his stallion page on this website).

Whether you’re looking for a stud or a big gelding he’s the type.







We call this fancy guy Nike because he has a check mark for a star.

Nike was born June 12/2019. His mother is a big muscular Hancock bred mare that always throws foals with lots of ability.

His sire is Northstar Smokin Gun (his description is on his stallion page on this website).

This super classy colt is going to be a really good one. He’s straight and correct in every way.

His baby fuzz is shedding out and his black coat is coming in.


Note: This fella isn’t ready to wean yet so we would keep him here until he’s ready.







Sold horse

Quincy sure is a fancy dark blue roan gelding.
He’s a 2017 model and we think he’ll make a great one for barrels, poles, or team penning.
We’re guessing he’ll finish 15.1 – 15.2 hands.




Sold horse


This yearling is going to be a horse and a half when he’s done growing. He’s a son of our 16.1 hand blue roan stallion – Northstar Smokin Gun.
It’s always hard to guess sizes at this stage but we figure he’ll end up at least 16 hands.
He’s still got a little bit of winter hair on but it’s easy to see that he’s a stylish blue roan. 
He’s big boned and big bodied.









Sold horse

NS Hotshot Hancock

If you’re looking for a fancy young AQHA blue roan stallion to put you in the breeding business then take a good look here. He’s a pretty dude with a tremendous temperament. This young stallion (born March 2017) is big bodied with a lot of muscle and shape – the kind of horse that you appreciate working with.
He’s an own son of Crowheart Rainman who has AQHA points in Heading and Heeling and is just a phenomenal sire and very fancy.
His mother is an own daughter of Blue Venture Hancock.
We expect him to mature about 15.2 hands.
Keep in mind that this is him with his winter clothes on. Come spring when he slicks off he’s going to be even fancier.
P.s. If you didn’t want to breed him he’d be about the most stylish gelding that there is.
Gelding or stud, if a person was looking for a rope horse we’d sure recommend this fella.
When a horse looks like this as a coming two year old imagine what he’ll look like mature.
We think you would have to like him.










Sold horse

If you want the fanciest 2017 model buckskin gelding around then Drifter is your guy. When you consider that he has his winter hair on and has not been fitted up at all, and looks this good, imagine what he’ll look liked when he’s slicked out and grown up.
There aren’t many around like this fella. He’s fancy fancy.








If you’re looking for a drop dead gorgeous black gelding they just don’t come any more stylish than Wyatt. This two year old is built like a four year old (and better than most of them). He has performance horse ability with halter horse looks. If a person is looking for a rope horse, barrel horse, all around horse, or just about anything else, we think Wyatt would be hard to top.

Sold horse