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The following is a list of horses that we have for sale. However, we usually have horses at the farm that we haven’t had time to picture and get on our site so this list is seldom complete. Please contact us for further information.



Showgirl – This super sharp 2016 black AQHA filly is really something. She’s got a big hip, a wide chest and about the classiest head and neck you ever saw on one. She’s by our senior herd sire PNA Travelin Hanock. Her mother is a big bodied black foundation bred mare. They don’t come any prettier than her.






 NS Smoke Show headNS Smoke Show right SideNS Smoke Show Left Side

NS Smoke Show – This young stallion is the whole package and then some. He’s a true blue roan AQHA yearling colt. He’s by our junior herd sire NS Smokin Gun (who stands 16 hands). His mother is fancy true blue roan daughter of our senior herd sire PNA Travelin Hancock. This colt is big, super fancy, and about as pretty a blue as you ever saw (he’s still got most of his winter coat on in his picture). He’s big boned, good footed, and carries lots of muscle. To top it off he’s about as friendly as they come. He’s 5 panel clear through his parents.

If you’re looking for a top stud prospect or a super-duper gelding that would blow you away you’re looking at him.

We’ve raised a lot of young horses over the years and we’ve found that a big true blue stallion put together like this guy and with his temperament is the ultimate package. A blue colt of his caliber is about the hardest thing there is to find in the horse industry.

Sold horse




I’m goin to tell ya plain – even if a person couldn’t tell bean dip from pig manure they could still tell at a glance that this is one good hoss. Yes sir, ya could be a little short of furniture if the upstairs parlor so ta speak, and still know she’s outstanding. There’s just no two ways about it.

Rosa is one stylish black mare. She’s a 2013 model and she’s coal black. She’s got a good start on her. With her ability we think she’d be a heck of a games horse, penning horse, or all around using horse. If you’re looking for something to kick some butt with we think this girl could do it.

So don’t be fussin around like a little dog lost in tall oats – make a B line on town here and snap up this good hoss. Ya shore wont be sorry.

Sold horse