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The following is a list of horses that we have for sale. However, we usually have horses at the farm that we haven’t had time to picture and get on our site so this list is seldom complete. Please contact us for further information.




This is Walker, a coming two year old AQHA gelding. He’s by PNA Travelin Hancock out of a Sonny Visa Bar bred mare. He’s black, black, with enough chrome to really make him stand out. He’s put together about as nice as you could ask and he sure is a pretty dude.





Fancy 2015 gray gelding.

Sold horse




1 Dillon12 Dillon

Watch his video –


NS Rockabillyhancock

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN it is with great pleasure that we introduce NS Rockabillyhancock. Now we could talk about Rocky til our tonsils was rubbed raw but we don’t want ya ta think we’re blowhards so we’ll just go over the main points. Ya can see fer yourself what we’re talking about.

As you can see in his video Rocky can sure handle himself – he moves like a dream. He’s a 2015 model black gelding and he’s a good one. This fella is super fancy and is put together just the way one should be. Rocky wont be 2 until the end of June (born June 25/2015) so we haven’t ridden him.

If you’re looking for a prospect to turn into a barrel horse, rope horse, or all around using horse he’s going to be a pretty hard fellow to beat. He likes people and loves attention.

If ya miss out of this’un you’ll be letting loose with enough profanity ta make a muleskinner faint, so ya better not stop ta pick the daises on the way here.

Sold horse




WATCH HER LIBERTY VIDEO (copy and paste the following link into your browser) –


NS Bluejean Hancock

Yes sir, there aint going ta be no doesy-doeing around here – I’m going to dang well say my peace about this super nice mare. Ta start with it’s as plain as a wart on an old maids chin that she’s an outstandin individual. If you don’t like this’un it’s pretty obvious ya don’t like hosses. Take a look at her video and tell us how many 10 year old horses know what this young mare knows.

NS Bluejean Hancock (Jess) is a fancy 2014 black filly. This filly has tons of ability – she’s an athlete and she has speed. If a person was looking for a barrel horse, or team penner, or something along those lines we think she would be ideal. Her dad is our senior herd sire PNA Travelin Hancock (his information is on his stallion page on this website). Her mother is a rugged black mare also of Hancock breeding. This is a filly that you could certainly do something with and throw on top of that she’s a pretty thing. So all in all it sure makes for a nice package.

Fair warning here folks – if you miss out on her you’re going to be kicking yourself all over the place, and we don’t want to see ya goin around with a sour look on your face and lookin like ya was weaned on a pickle.

Sold horse





bay roan mare1bay roan mare2

Four year old dun roan mare. Info coming soon.

Sold horse





blue filly1blue filly3blue filly2





We know this old cowboy that was so skinny that if he got ta drinkin red eye whiskey he looked like a thermometer. If he stood behind a fence post all you could see was his hat. He was so skinny that his striped pajamas only had one stripe. He rode a foundered horse with navicular and sometimes it would get him where he was going but very seldom did he get back again. He didn’t hardly weigh anything and would still usually have to walk home. If you have a little more substance to ya you might want to get yourself a good sound hoss like this’un – one ta ride the rider with so to speak.

NS Travelin Kate is a fancy three year old true blue roan mare that you have to like. She’s by our senior herd sire PNA Travelin Hancock (see his page on this website) and out of a foundation bred mare that goes back to Shining Spark. This mare rides well and is very handy. We raised her ourselves and we’re sure not ashamed to say so.  

Don’t be mule headed – get your hind end out of low gear and get on down here and get you this good hoss. She’ll save you a lot of blisters and your day will go a whole lot better.

Sold horse$5000




blue cowgirl filly2blue cowgirl filly4blue cowgirl filly3



Well sir, if that don’t beat all when we turned this girl (Cowgirl is her name) out for exercise this morning we just stood there with our mouths open – is she something! As I watched her she went past me like a dose of salts through a book keeper. Let me tell ya, this is a special filly and as fancy as they come. She’s two years old, blue, blue and is a sure enough sweet heart. She’s put together as nice as you could ever ask and add to that the fact that she’s smart, works to please, and you just plain have to like her. Our senior herd sire PNA Travelin Hancock is her Daddy and she’s out of a Sonny Visa Bar bred mare. We raised her and we’re darn proud of the fact. We surely do like this filly ourselves and we know that you would too so just don’t sit there gawking, look alive and get her bought. If you don’t and ya miss out you’ll be kicking yourself forever after.

Sold horse