English Mastiffs

Expecting Puppies Fall of 2017

We are expecting puppies this October.  If you are interested in a puppy let us know. You can either call us at (519) 389-5144 or email us at northstarlivestock@hotmail.com

The parents are very good natured dogs. They love people and are very good to get along with. These are big stout dogs.

Bear Head Shot

Our young male Old English Mastiff – Bear.


3 puppies

Puppies born in 2016.


Pictured Above – Our female Bella.


Pictured above – our female Millie.

Bella at gate

Pictured Above – Our female Bella in the winter.

Boomer mastiff male

Pictured Above – Boomer – Sire of two of our females.



Bella and Puppy

Pictured Above – Bella with a puppy.


Pictured Above – 2014 puppy

 two puppies

Pictured Above – Millie and Lena – Our two Mastiff puppies by Boomer. They’re five and a half months old in this photo.


Pictured Above – Our female Bella back when she was a puppy.


Pictured Above – Our female Bella giving Mom a hard time back when she was a puppy.